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Yoga Joes

Yoga Joes are classic army men posed in yoga positions.  This educates the public about yoga while creating a peaceful message with a traditionally violent toy.


We created 3d models of the Joes for large volume injection molding.  The molds were funded by Dan's epic kickstarter campaign.


I worked with Yoga Joes to create a shippable display case that holds the whole set in perfect formation.



3D Glasses

Large format, glass lens 3D glasses frames. We pulled from ergonomic studies to create a frame that fit our target demographic and 3D printed a variety of styles to hold the new Dolby lens technology.  These heavy duty frames harness the a 3D experience you can't comparare to the local theatre.

Solar Panel Maintenance Vehicle.

The unit runs up and down a concrete extrusion while stradeling a row of solar panels.  It cleans the panel with a drip system and motion activated squeegie while cutting down vegetation in its path.

It is constructed of sheet metal, standardized aluminum extrusion, and PVC tubing for the drip system.

D'clic roll top bag

Roll top bag designed from a waste reductive pattern.  Parisian architect and D'clic founder reaches out to me to help insure his high fashion street brand is at the top of it's game functionaly.


Monthly feminine subscription products packaging.  The plastic container serves as a dipenser and is mailed back to provider in pre-paid packaging each month.

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